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The Revelations of an Elite Family Insider (2005)

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od honzam

arikiran píše:Bohuzel soucasny stav esoteriky dnes stavi přímo mantinely, ktere spolehlivě vedou adepty přesně do těchto konč slepou prdele, tak řikaje...

Bo co....myslite, ze by vladnouci elity povolily tolika literatury, werksopů, seminářů, různých náboženství...atd...kdyby neveděly zcela přesně!!!....že to nikomu nepomůže ke svobodě??? naopak...kecy Vše je jak ma být!...Už si To!....Netřeba nic dělat!....spolknou esoterické ovce i s navijákem...a elity mohou s klidem vládnout a ožebračovat nás dál...a dál...a dál...a dál si to rikej sama....dokud nedostanes chut s tim neco udelat...paxe ozvi...zatim se neozval nikdo....
Takove to je v me hlave, děvče....

The Revelations of an Elite Family Insider (2005)

str. 11

Is Earth a prison?
Yes and even worse.
The ones who believe the contrary will never escape.

str. 12

1). Don´t you get sick and tired of the lack of real quality in the Music and the Movies?With your power/money/influence why do you not prime the pump with some really good stuff?
2). What are the three things that have you concerned about most regarding the upsetting of theapplecart? [Things that are beyond the direct control of the PTB that you are scrambling to prepareagainst]
3). Who owns and runs the show on planet earth? Please list the major player groups who actuallyanswer to each successive level beginning from the top down. Descriptions are fine if you don´t want todivulge names. Is it like a pyramid, or is it a number of factions vying for power/control?
4). What is the real story on the greys and are they still major players currently?
5). What do you fear the most?
6). What is the real story you haven´t told us because we haven´t asked yet??

1. The ones who search hard will find the gems in Music, in fact they are out in the open.It is not our duty to enlighten you, that is yours.We hand out the tools that can be used in the way you choose to, "good or bad".

2. Nothing to do with us but with the puppets.

3. The shape of a Pyramid yes, but people forgot the underground chamber.The Top of the Pyramid is not the top.

5. Fear is based on physical impulses, the physical is not important.

str. 24

And by Divine Law, Christ was sent here to correct the situation.
Yes, but Christ did not descend into the body of a human called Jesus of Nazareth, 2014 yearsago on March 20th, almost 2 hours before sunrise (which is the secret time of birth of your "sonof god").The Christ (which has a different "real" name but I will use this name here) appeared once, justonce, and this was in another era, not even close to our era where Jesus of Nazareth also lived in.

Do you know who keeps the knowledge about the real Christ alive?And do you know who keeps the knowledge about the fake christ(s) alive?The opposite of what you are thinking