One year of Bashar life

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One year of Bashar life

Příspěvekod Petr » úte 15. lis 2011 20:19:28

Pro ty co by zajimalo co Bashar cely rok dela :D

Anglicky, bez prekladu, cca z roku 1989:

Q: I would like very much to know in what ways you have changed, and what
you have been doing for the last year or so?

B: Thank you very much. On the first day, I... (Audience laughter) ...
oh, not an itemized list? (More laughter) All right, generally speaking,
always one of the things that excites me the most is to be in communication
with various civilizations, to do with them the same kinds of things we are
doing with you, in that way. So that I have, in your terms, continued to

Q: Okay.

B: Also, there was a particular preparation that took place on one
particular planet as you say, one particular civilization, wherein there
was what you would call a celebration. The celebration was for the
remembrance of the coming together of that civilization and many other
civilizations, what you might call an anniversary of the creation of an
Association of types. It was a very beautiful celebration. The vibration
of that celebration is still radiating outward, and each and every one of
you who wishes to partake and join in that celebration vibration can do so.

Allow yourself also to feel that, what you call, the overall Association
has expanded since last we spoke, (one year ago with questioner) by
approximately seventeen civilizations, and that has kept me very busy
...(Audience laughter)... most of the time.

Also, I have composed two hundred and forty seven pieces of music.

Q: Wow.

Audience responds with more sounds of appreciation.

B: And I have had a great deal of fun with that. Also, I have made five
repairs on my spacecraft. (Audience laughter) Which just goes to show you
that we have things to learn.

Also, I spent some time immersed in a liquid environment, not water as you
understand it, as a type of preparation for a new civilization that I will
be contacting soon. And so, in that sense, I also go to school to learn
different ways of communication. And this immersion in liquid changes the
vibration of my being so that I become more like unto their dimension of
existence, so that we can communicate. And therefore, I spend some time,
as you would say, each day, immersed in this liquid which is not water.

Q: Is it similar to the one on Sirius?

B: Not exactly, it is thicker, not quite as ethereal. It is what you
would call a physiological substance, but it does have quasi-planar

Q: Right.

B: Has that answered you question sufficiently?

Q: Yes.
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